Sonntag, 19. Mai 2019

Enemy States

Again, thanks to the efforts of DontBaguMe and Raeven0, it's now possible to edit the enemy states in the editor! So thank you both ;)
The enemy states are stored in a single data set. This data set contains the status information for all enemies which is comprised by four bytes:
HP - Health Points
STR - Strength
DEF - Defense
DP - Dark Points

First you can check in the map event editor which enemy state ID belongs to the enemy:

As a next step, search the enemy state ID in the enemies tab and change the values:

Here is the result: A very strong bat!

Sonntag, 5. Mai 2019

Stairs Velocity

It's been a while since the last update so I think it's time to show something here, even if it's not a big update so you see I'm still working on the ditor ;)

Thanks to DontBaguMe and Reaven0 I was able to add the stairs camera velocity information to the editor.

There is a data table at 1A95E which holds several camera movement patterns.

Here is the explanation of this data from Raeven0, I couldn't explain it better for myself:

These are stair-climbing camera movement speeds. A staircase in map data has a byte whose high nibble defines whether it's a down-going ($4x) or up-going ($8x) staircase, and the low nibble points to one of these speed sets. Each 2-byte word is a "step" in the camera movement, first byte is the number of frames for this "step" to last, second byte is its speed (but the high nibble of the speed byte is ignored, so the range is only 0-F). Will can't do anything until the camera movement finishes -- he's stuck inside the staircase. Once the camera finishes moving, Will exits the staircase and regains control, and the camera centers on Will if it isn't already. There are no internal corrections or consistency checks to make sure that when the camera stops, it's centered on Will. You just have to choose the right stair velocity to make the camera traverse the correct vertical distance.

And now I added this information to the editor (and renamed steps to stairs which is much more fitting):

Freitag, 8. Februar 2019

Room-Clearing Rewards + GaiaTheCreator 0.5.5

After I ignored the data sets for quite a long time, I investigated the room-clearing reward table and was able to add it to the editor. As an explanation, the room-clearing award is the status updgrade which is received when you beat all enemies in a single room.

The table contains a reward value for every map.
These are the possible rewards:

No reward
HP (Power)
STR (Strength)
>= 3
DEF (Defense)

You can try the treasure chest and room-clearing rewards editing in the latest release 0.5.5:

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019

Edit Treasure Chests

With the help of DontBaguMe, I was able to add treasure chest editing to the editor!
The treasure chest editor is part of the map editor just like the event and exit editor.
You can change the item which can be found in the treasure chest as well as if the fanfare music is played when the chest is opened.

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2019

Illusion of Gaia Randomizer

Recently, a new promising project in the field of IoG hacking was started by DontBaguMe:
An Illusion of Gaia Randomizer!

Check out his blog for all information and progress information:

DontBuMe already made a great progress in ROM data research which in return helped myself in building the editor. So iI think both of us will continue to benefit from each other in the future.

Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2019

GaiaTheCreator v0.5.4

You can now try out the reworked event, exit and map editor in version 0.5.4:

Note: The event command editor is not available in this version because it is currently under massive construction ;)

Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2019

Event & Exit Editor Reworked

First of all, happy new year to everyone!
I reworked the event and exit editor to enhance the usability. Up to now, both editors opened in a separate window if you want to edit an event or an exit on a map. Now they are fully integrated in the map view, just like the map editor itself. The events and exits can't be made visible with a map filter checkbox anymore. They appear now automatically if the correspnding editor is selected with the TabControl right to the map. I also unified the map tools for all editors and they appear below the map now.

The "new" event editor:

The "new" exit editor:

This rearrangement was necessary since I decided to move the event script editor completely to the  tab "Events". The event script editor will be my next big construction area so there will be new posts dedicating to the editor soon.
And I will upload a new version of the editor with the new event and exit editors the next few days after a little bit of stabilization work ;)